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How It Works

An energy efficient, high-tech water heating solution that harnesses free energy from the sun to generate hot water for your home...

Your geyser's element is fed directly from the solar PV panels using a MPPT solar controller.  The controller provides for two power sources or inputs, solar and grid (AC) for backup.  During periods of low or no solar radiation, the geyser is heated by means of the back-up AC power supply.  The geyser timer installed in your DB-board controls the AC power supply to reduce costs and grid reliance.

system setup

  • The geyser thermostat is set at 55°C to provide ample hot water.

  • The geyser timer is programmed to control the grid (AC) backup as follows:

                       Switch ON at 04:00 - Switch OFF at 08:00​

                       Switch ON at 15:00 - Switch OFF at 22:00

The above program ensures that grid (AC) power is not used during times when there should be free energy from sunshine.  If there was insufficient sunshine during any particular day, backup heating starts at 15:00 to ensure sufficient hot water for the evening routine of the household.  In cases where the evening routing depleted the hot water in the tank, backup heating starts at 04:00 to cater for the household morning routine.

  • The system is setup this way to cover the demands of the average household. 

  • Despite the timer program that starts at 15:00, if there was plentiful sunshine, the geyser will not use any grid (AC) power as the water will already be hot.

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System Specifications

  • Used in conjunction with all leading B-rated electric geysers

  • Standard with 2 Solar panels

  • Durable aluminum roof mounting system

  • 4kW (MPPT) modified sine wave solar system controller

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